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SeaRocket empowers ocean access for all, building a deeper understanding of our water planet.

See, survey and monitor baseline data in those hard to reach places — from the surface to the seafloor—that are too hazardous, rocky or deep.

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SeaRocket makes ocean observing and profiling faster, safer and more affordable.

SeaRocket is a revolutionary Vertical-AUV probe that is hand-launched from any size boat allowing you to see and understand our ocean from 8FT to 37,000FT deep.

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Useful for any industry


Dive SeaRocket to give students in marine and limnology field courses, STEM programs, camps, and environmental programs an experience with next-gen, hands-on tech to develop their inquiry and problem solving skills. Educators breathe easy knowing the SeaRocket is safe, easy-to-use and will ignite curiosity in their students.

Environmental Monitoring

Safely access underwater areas that are too deep, too close to shoreline hazards, or too expensive to survey with traditional technology. Monitor fisheries habitat, invasive species, deep-sea minerals, pollution, trawling area, urban harbors…Video profile the water column while collecting data from marina to Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) boundaries and beyond.

Exploration, Survey or Recreation

Deploy SeaRocket to determine a ‘go/no-go’ search or or hunt of treasure. Conduct rapid transect survey for baseline data collection. Determine regions of high interest for further study. Sailing – see your possible anchorage before you commit. Fishing – look at the water column and bottom for fish-friendly habitat.

How it works

The SeaRocket, a Vertical-AUV (V-AUV) is a hand-launched surface to seafloor probe that allows anyone with a small boat, dive light, dive camera such as Paralenz or GoPro and other small instruments to capture video and data in a water column faster, safer, easier than traditional methods.

The SeaRocket uses off-the-shelf data collection instruments and needs no power source. It cycles up and down guided by gravity. Drop the SeaRocket with its light, camera and payload off the side of a boat into a body of water of any depth and it will collect data on its way down to the bottom where it then automatically releases a small biodegradable sandbag and then rises back up to the surface for data recovery. In addition to the action camera and light, SeaRocket can carry other small commercially available or DIY sensors, such as a CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) precisely down and back (vertically) in the water column from known GPS coordinates.

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SeaRocket Products and Pressure Housings

Choose the Professional SeaRocket SR3000 for your needs.

SR 3000-3

Max Depth: 914M/3,000FT | Mast: 36 in. | Storage Length: 66 in. | Air-Weight: 14 lbs |

SR 3000-4

Max Depth: 914M/3,000FT | Mast: 48 in. | Payload: Plus 12 oz. | Storage Length: 66 in. | Air-Weight: 18 lbs |

SR3000 Professional Series Packages include:

  • Professional SR 3000-3 or -4 rated to 914M/3,000FT
  • 10 Biodegradable Descent Weight Assembles
  • Dive light rated to 300-500M/984-1640FT
  • Travel/Storage Case
  • Tool Kit 
  • Users Guide & Instruction Manual

Does not include action camera. Recommended: Vaquita and Paralenz dive cameras with built in sensors such as temperature, pressure/depth, conductivity, GPS, time, accelerometer and 9 axis gyroscope depending on the model.  

SeaRocket Benefits


SeaRocket Products in Development:

SR200 Plans/Kits (with licensing): Smaller, limited depth rating. Use hand tools and hardware store components to assemble.

eSR3000: battery powered without biodegradable descent weight for highly sensitive area.

SR11000: rated to full ocean depth, 3353M/11,000FT

We can help you choose the hardware you need and provide a customized quote. 

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Deep Water Housings for Camera and Lights

PH3000C Deep Water Camera Pressure Housing for GoPro Hero5 and newer

Depth rated to 914M/3,000FT

PH3000L Deep Water Light with Housing

Depth rated to 914M/3,000FT

Interested in learning more? Do you want a custom quote?

Please tell us which SeaRocket products you would like to know more about so we can help you choose the product that is right for you. We take your privacy seriously. We do not share your data.

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Principal Team

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GRAHAM HAWKES DESIGNED THE SEAROCKET, so that anyone can see, survey and monitor ocean space. Monitor fisheries habitat, invasive species, anchorages, deep-sea mineral extraction, pollution, trawling areas, urban harbors…whatever you want to know more about.

“I want to give communities around the world access to their ocean—more than 70% of our planet—so that they can manage what’s happening in their own “blue backyard, creating a new generation of ocean space understanding and a global network of underwater advocates.”

HAWX is driven by the mission to inspire and enable sustainable underwater access for everyone—to explore and build knowledge for a better future through innovative lower-cost underwater design solutions.

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JULIE SILVERMAN, CO-FOUNDER OF SEAROCKET, Founder/Owner Summit2Shore Consulting LLC, STEM educator, educational outreach product developer, and environmental activist. Silverman is driven to ignite environmental engagement through field-based hands-on discovery so that everyone can see for themselves just how beautiful and important our ocean is for the future.

“We are all connected by water form the summits to the seafloor. What we do on the land affects our ocean, yet most of us can’t see what impact we are having on our ocean planet. We need to know the unknown so we can figure out what needs to be fixed.”

Our Partners

Together we build accessible products and empower ocean education and research to create a more sustainable ocean future.

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