GRAHAM HAWKES DESIGNED THE SEA ROCKET, a new ultra low-cost autonomous probe, to make exploring more than 70% (how much of the planet’s surface is covered by the ocean) of our ocean planet possible for everyone, especially kids. The Sea Rocket is an open source vehicle or platform that anyone can add to or enhance. It is designed to enable a community of users to create new applications and instruments to share openly, opening ocean exploration to everyone. There is also an iNaturalist project: Underwater Observation Sea Rocket Network so that anyone can upload their video and photos of what they discovered on the bottom of their neighborhood lake, pond or ocean.




The Sea Rocket travels vertically from the surface of the water to the bottom and back up collecting data and taking video along the way. The Sea Rocket uses off the shelf data collection instruments, including action camera systems such as the GoPro, is easy to use and needs no power source, it is intelligently powered and guided by gravity. Drop the Sea Rocket with its light and camera off the side of a boat into ocean or a lake and it will collect data on its way down to the bottom where it then releases a biodegradable weight and then rises back up to the surface for data recovery. The Sea Rocket can carry any type of commercially available or DIY test equipment, such as a CTD (conductivity, temperature and depth) precisely down and back vertically in the water column. With a set of plans, the Sea Rocket can be made by anyone with access to basic power tools or if preferred, a turn-key kit or completely assembled ready to use Sea Rocket are also available.



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